chicks for le jardinKeeping chicken especially the improved breeds will require you a good capital investment, proper housing structures and management skills.  Keeping them within Nairobi gives you better markets but requires even greater investment. Is it possible to do other things and keep your chicken properly managed? Can you keep chicken without building their houses and with low capital? My answer is yes!

Le Jardin investment is your ‘yes’. Here, they have developed poultry structures in Ruaka, have gathered years of chicken farming experience and are offering you both. You buy chicks from them (improved kienyeji chicks), buy feeds, buy vaccines, put them in their structures, leave the management hustle to them and pick them when selling! Unbelievable?

This is an opportunity that will ensure that you use less capital and start making profits earlier. You do not have to quit your job or make calls to ensure that your chickens are managed properly. So what’s the math?

You will part with is KES 2 per chick per day for 1 month old chicks and KES 1 per chick per day for chicks above 1 month. You can keep your chicken for as long as you want!

Le Jardin’s structures are made to suit 200 chicks. You need to invest in at least 200 chicks since Le Jardin ensures a different structure for each investor. Will you make any profits?

Le Jardin has estimated the following costs;


Cost Calculations  Total (KES)
 Day old chicks KES 100 X 200 chicks        20,000
 Chick mash KES 55 X 1.61 kg X 200 chicks              322
 Growers mash KES 40 X 7.737 kg X 200 chicks           1,547
 Management for month 1 KES 56 X 200 chicks        11,200
 Management for week 9 to week 21 KES 119 X 200 chicks        23,800
 Vaccines KES 25 X 200 chicks           5,000
 Total        56,869
 Sale of chicken KES 750 X 200 chicks      150,000
 Profit        88,131

  1.  200 chicks are kept
  2. 200 chickens are sold at week 21
  3. Improved kienyeji chicks (KARI, Kuroiler, Rainbow rooster e.t.c) are kept

You can contact Simon via phone: 0729 724883 or email:


Blessed week!

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