Liquid manure (manure tea) is good for your crops as it contains a lot of nitrogen, phosphorous, and other elements needed for a healthy plant life. In addition, the fertilizer is readily available to plants. You can make liquid manure either by using weeds or fresh animal waste/dung.

Liquid Fertilizer from Weeds

Leaves from Tithonia diversifolia (looks like sunflower) are rich in nitrogen and phosphorous. More so, they have a strong smell that repels insects.

Tithonia diversifolia

Tithonia diversifolia

  • Collect soft green (easy to decompose) tithonia weeds from your field or hedges
  • Cut the weeds into small sizes for easy decomposition
  • Put the tithonia leaves into a plastic container. Add water to fill the container
  • Cover the container with a lid or a plastic paper
  • Leave it sealed for about 3 weeks under a shade
  • You will notice that a black and smelly liquid has been formed
  • Filter the liquid through a gunny bag/sack
  • Dilute the liquid with water to the color of strong black tea or the ratio of 4 portions of water to 1 portion of the liquid fertilizer
  • Use a glass of the liquid fertilizer to topdress your crops
cut the tithonia diversifolia weeds into small sizes

Cut the tithonia weeds into small sizes

making liquid manure from tithonia weeds

Cover the tithonia weeds with a plastic paper

  Liquid Fertilizer from Animal Dung

Animal dung is rich in phosphorous as well as other nutrients.

  • Collect 4 kg of fresh animal waste e.g. cow dung in a sack
  • Tie and dip the sack into a 20 L container of water under a shade (The dung should be about half the volume of the container)
  • Close the container
  • Continually stir the water every three days. Minerals in the sack will go to the water in the tank
  • After 2-3 weeks, the water will turn dark brown and will be full of minerals
  • Remove the sack and use the remains as mulch around your trees
  • Dilute the liquid manure before application. Use 1 portion of the manure with 1-2 portions of water
  • Use a glass of the manure tea around the base of your plant

Tips for Best Results;

  • Since the manure tea is concentrated with minerals, it can burn the root system of your crop. Ensure that you have diluted the product before application.
  • Ensure that you prepare the liquid manure under a shade to prevent the nutrients from being evaporated by the sun.

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