Chickens require proteins in their diet. Proteins are important for growth, egg production and meat production. Proteins can be found in: Cowpeas, greengrams,  wheat bran, maize bran, soya, beans, dried blood, fishmeal (omena), termites, ants, earthworms and maggots.

maggots for feeding chicken


As a farmer, it is important to know how to source for cheap proteins to cut down on the cost of chicken feeds. Termites, earthworms and maggots can be gown at home. Here are easy to follow steps to make your own termites and maggots as sources of proteins:

1. How to produce termites at home

Termites feed on dead plant material, such as wood, leaf litter, roots, dead herbs and grasses, dung, and humus. Any of these materials can be used to grow termites but we will focus on two.

NB: Be careful not to grow termites near your wooden houses as this will lead to the destruction of the house

Method 1: Using crop residues

  • Dig a 1 foot deep hole. The width and length depends on you e.g. 1 foot by 1 foot
  • Tie a pile crop of residues together such as beans stalks
  • Dip the pile in water and put it in the hole
  • Cover the pile with green materials such as grass and then cover with soil
  • Termites will form in 3 days
  • Shake the pile with termites where chicken can access them

Method 2: Using manure           

  • Dig several 1 foot deep holes around the compound. The width and length depends on you
  • Sprinkle manure at the bottom and wet it
  • Cover with grasses and leave for 1 day
  • Lift the grasses and you find termites crawling on the manure
  • Let the chickens come and feed on the termites

2. How to make maggots

Maggots are baby flies that form on rotting matter. To produce maggots;

  • Fill half of a 10 liter tin with easy to rot materials such as overripe mangoes and bananas, kitchen waste and rotting vegetables
  • Fill 1/3 of the pot with water and leave it under a shade. Put it away from people as it gives bad smell
    • The mixture will be used to feed both the flies and the maggots
  • Leave the pot open during daytime and closed during the night
  • After 5 – 10 days (depending on temperature) the maggots will be ready
  • Float the maggots by pouring water into the tin
  • Collect the maggots by pouring them out
  • Feed the maggots to the chickens

Use maggot and termites to add onto to the protein in the chicken feed rather than completely replacing it.

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