After you have prepared the corms and constructed a macro-propagation chamber, it is time to plant the corms so that you can get the banana plantlets for your farm.

How to plant banana corms in the macro-propagation chamber

  • Water the macro-propagation chamber to keep it humid. Six drums of 200 litres will be enough for a 3 m long  X 1.5 m wide X 1 m high ma-cropropagation chamber
  • A well watered macro-propagation chamber should be misty. If not misty, add more water
  • Make a hole using your hands and plant the banana corms at 5 cm spacing from each other
how to Banana corms in a macro-propagation chamber

Banana corms in a macro-propagation chamber

  • Cover the macro-propagation chamber with a plastic paper to keep it humid
  • Water the macro-propagation chamber every three to five days depending on climatic conditions
  • After 3-4 weeks shoots will start appearing from the banana corms
  • When only 1-2 shoots appear from a corm, cut off the growing plant to allow other buds to develop
  • After 5-6 weeks, shoots that have developed roots and have three standard size leaves are ready for potting
  • Cut the banana plantlet at the point of attachment with the banana corm. Make sure that a small part of the corm remains with the plantlet to supply the nutrients needed
  • The shoots will take about 10 weeks in the macro-propagation chamber to fully develop
Replant banana shoots without roots in the macro-propagation chamber and pot those with 2-3 roots

Replant shoots without roots and pot those with 2-3 roots

When 1-2 shoots appear in the macro-propagation chamber, cut them off to allow more shoots

When only 1-2 shoots appear, cut them off to allow more shoots

How to pot the banana plantlets

  • Construct a shade house of your desired measurements to accommodate your seedlings/plantlets. Usually, a standard seedling shade house is 4 m wide and 2.5 m high. A simple shade house can be covered by dry twigs and leaves
  • Mix 4 spades of top soil with 1 spade of manure (4:1 ratio) in a 5 X 7 cm potting bags
  • Fill ¾ of the pot with compacted soil and the top 1/4 with loose soil for easy planting
  • Plant the plantlets into the tubes/pots
  • Transfer the plantlets into the shade house
  • Water plantlets 3-4 times a week so that the soil in the pots is moist
  • Remove the banana seedlings from the shade house after 2 weeks for hardening. But do not place the under direct sunlight. A tree shade is good enough
  • Continue watering the banana seedlings 4 times a week
  • The plantlets are ready for planting when they have 4-5 leaves. This will be after 3-6 weeks of hardening
Construct a shade house for the seedlings

Shade house

how to mix loose and compacted soil in the pot

How to prepare potting mixture

Generally, the banana seedlings will take 10 weeks in the macro-propagation chamber, 2 weeks in the shade house and 3-6 weeks of hardening up. This totals up to 15 -18 weeks before they are ready for planting in the field.

We hope that by now you can macro-propagate bananas successfully in your farm. For additional support, you can watch a video hereYour feedback is important to us; post your comments below or email us at


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