Your hens should lay the right number of quality eggs all year round. If your hen is not laying eggs or you cannot see the eggs, it could be for several reasons as listed below. If the eggs laid are of poor quality it could be one of the following reasons:

Problem Cause What to do
Unsuccessful mating among chickens, infertile eggs Cock too big or old Select a cock less than 5 kg and less than 2 years old
Hens laying poorly Poor or over-feeding, old chickens, disturbance Give the right amount of layers mash (see HERE) and enough drinking water, change your laying stock every 1.5 years, provide laying nests in a quiet dark area
Hens not laying Molting, brooding, poor lighting Add proteins to the chicken diet, break brooding (see HERE), remove eggs soon they are laid, allow 14 hours of good lighting every day for layers
Eggs cracking Poor laying environment Lay the nests with clean dry soft grass
Eggs laid outside Hens do not know where to lay Put the laying box in a quiet dark area, Put sample eggs or egg-shaped stones to show where hens should lay. Keep hens inside until mid-day so that they lay most of the eggs inside.
Egg yolk not deep yellow Lack of minerals Let the chickens outside in the evening to find greens and minerals, hang vegetables inside the chicken house.
Hens eating their eggs Lack of calcium, hens are used to eating egg shells Give DCP, burn all egg shells after hatching, debeak the hens
Inactive chickens, sickly Disease, extreme temperatures Follow vaccination program and treat all diseases accordingly (click HERE), allow good spacing and ventilation (Read here)

Have you seen these problems? Now you know what to do. Have you seen a different problem? Talk to us.

You can email us at or click HERE for a comprehensive manual with details on proper management of indigenous chicken.

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